Hello world, and welcome to my new website!

Photo on 1-29-13 at 8.08 PM

I am so excited to be unveiling the new site!  A lot of work has gone into doing it right, so please, take your time and look around.

Under the Bio page there is a snippet about my story – how I started playing and writing music and where music has taken me thus far.

The Music page is where all the fun’s at!  See how I work as a ComposerSongwriter, and Musician.  Each of those pages has a song from one of my albums, including a new, never-been-heard song that I hope you enjoy!

If you go to Projects you’ll see all my latest/ongoing, special projects explained, including sheet music and a background track for An Old Pair of Dancing Shoes  from the hit YouTube video titled “Traditional Irish Tin Whistle Songs”.

Under Store you will see links to where you can purchase albums and MP3s of my music.  This page is still under construction and will become updated as more things become available.  Maybe even FREE things….

Then once you go to Contacts/Links you will see how you can get a hold of me to inquire about projects/press, as well as get the links to other amazing people – like the talented artist who designed the theme for this website!

As news comes up about new releases, appearances, projects, or other random things they will be posted here on the home page.  You can get email updates about new posts by scrolling to the bottom of the site and subscribing.

All of this couldn’t have happened without some help, and I am so blessed to have a gifted family willing to help and support me ~

Thanks to my sister Caroline Robinson from See it Studios for doing the graphic design.  Thanks to my parents for helping me edit all of the writing – that job started in school and apparently will never retire.  Thanks to my brother David from Monroe Crossing, whose professional musicianship I look towards as an example.

And THANK YOU for taking the time to look around!  In keeping in mind that this website is new and my team is new to running this kind of show, please let me know if you have any problems viewing anything or if links are not working.

Take care! – Anna


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