An African Souvenir for a Musician


So recently I returned from South Africa where I was on a trip for work.  It was an incredible experience and one I did not want to forget.  There was wildlife, singing, dancing, food, people, all unique and so full of life.  I had to bring some of it back with me.  So, meet my new friend!  No, I don’t mean the guy in the picture.  I mean the drum in my hand!

The guy in the picture is the one who sold it to me.  He caught me walking past his booth in a crowded market in Cape Town.  The bargaining began, at which I am terrible, and I think he could tell that I actually really wanted a drum. I’ve always wanted one.  It only seemed appropriate that I get it while in Africa and this lucky guy managed to catch me before I had spent all my money.  I picked a conga/djembe the size that would best fit my situation – big enough to create a deep sound, yet small enough to fit in my suitcase.  And it does have a good sound even though it’s just barely big enough for my hands to really pound a rhythm on it.

Who knows what songs will come out of this instrument or what videos will feature it’s colorful shell.  I just know that no one’s getting any sleep!  Just kidding.  Still, I can’t wait to start jamming and recording with it.  I think it needs a name…  What should it be?



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