Music – We love it. Do we need it? (New Project!)

Screen Shot 2013-06-03 at 6.09.19 PM

I’ve started a new project and I’m hoping you can help!

I recently purchased a little pocket sketchbook with the purpose of writing down any inspiration that comes along answering this question, “Why is Music important?”

Do you have an answer to the question?  Comment below!  Who knows what might come out of this project.  I will probably post some of the answers on Facebook, but ultimately the goal of this experiment is to examine the role of music from every and all aspects – spiritually, scientifically, socially, etc….  How does it play a part in our lives?  In our growth?  In our very being?  Why do we need music?

Why is music important to you?

Visit the “Reasons Why” Project page to make additional suggestions and get updates on the project.


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