“Whisper in the Storm” Acoustic EP Released TODAY!

IMG_1302I’m happy to announce that my new Acoustic EP “Whisper in the Storm” is out and available for download!

I’m really excited and happy to share with you my latest work!  This project has been many years in the making (literally) and is finally available for download FREE of charge or by donation.

There are a couple of places where you can download the new EP.  Check out these links for Bandcamp or NoiseTrade to receive your digital copy. Once you’ve listened to it, feel free to send me a message letting me know what you think!  You can contact me through Facebook or by email at mail.annarobinson@gmail.com.

When you do check out the new music, you’ll notice some cool, new artwork.  This album would not have been possible without the support of many people, but especially the artists over at See it Studios.  And by artists, I really mean the great creativity of Carrie Robinson (help me return the favor by checking out her work). Besides that I want to shout out to my family who are my musical confidants!

To everyone: thanks for the support y’all!



1 Comment

  1. Amazing!
    I was looking for some tin whistle tutorials a month ago and came across your brilliant “an old pair of shoes” tin whistle song that I right away fell in love with.
    Your are doing sensational songs – keep it going.
    Will do my best to spread the word about you here in California.

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