Welcome to the New Design!

I’m happy to start the new year with a new web-design.  Fond memories accompany the old design, but I believe this fresh and clean make-over is more appealing.  Thanks once again to Carrie Robinson over at See-It-Studios for designing the look, inspired by the cover art of my latest album Whisper in the Storm.  Make sure to subscribe for emails from the website and you won’t miss a thing!


Check out the About page for an update on what happened in 2013.  Videos, film projects, and a new album kept me busy and you don’t want to miss it!

For those who have inquired, sheet music for An Old Pair of Dancing Shoes has been reloaded and you shouldn’t have any problem downloading the files now.  If there continues to be issues, please let me know.

Don’t forget I’m on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube!  Check out my social media profiles for photos, frequent updates, new releases, and random shout-outs from me!



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