The Suitcase Set’s the Stage for Autumn

suitcase set

The summer has come and gone very quickly. I’ve been blessed to have played some gigs, meet some amazing musicians, attend a bluegrass festival, and compete in a folk competition.  Now things are slowly settling into a routine. The Suitcase Set is sticking together and going to be doing gigs in the South Dakota/Nebraska area, starting with a show at Motel Raine in Valentine, NE on September 12th. Get details here. For a taste of our sound watch this video.  They are also helping me work on a new album which will be released in 2015! 

This summer has been a celebration and learning experience of many things. But, one thing is for sure. I could not have done all that I did, or get where I am now without your support.  Thanks to all of you we now have over 2,000 subscribers on the YouTube channel!  This is a milestone I never would have dreamed of reaching when I starting posting videos.  I am humbled by your positive feedback and motivated to keep going.  Thank you for subscribing, commenting, liking, and sharing with your friends! It means a lot.



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