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Henry Roy Photography
Savannah Johns Photography



  1. Dear Ms. Robinson, I downloaded “An Old Pair of Shoes” from cdbaby and then came to this website as you said. Where I would fine the sheet music for same but to my surprise it is not here. What could be the reason do you know? If you do would you enlighten me and if not so be it. I thank you very much for your time and good works.
    Sincerely, Art Smith

  2. Hi Anna, Thank you for your time. You must think you are dealing with someone with
    a hollow head. I thought that there was a tune titled “An Old Pair of Dancing Shoes”
    and that is what I was looking for on your website. I have been following you for about
    four or more years which is when I first started to play the tin whistle. I’m studying the concert flute and music theory now. See what you got me into! Only kidding! Be well, Art

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