Here you can find answers to frequently asked questions regarding instruments, equipment, and other inquires.  If you have a question that is not addressed on this page, email Anna Robins at annarobinsmusic@gmail.com.  We will continue to update this page.

What brand of tin whistle do you use?

I started out on a cheap Clark whistle, just to get started.  I still use those for practice sometimes and have used them for past recordings, because they do have a pretty decent sound.  Now, I use Susato penny whistles for performances and recordings.  I have a number of their whistles in the Kildare series.

What key is your tin whistle in the “Traditional Irish Tin Whistle Songs” video on YouTube?

For this video I used a Susato pennywhistle in the key of D.  Most songs I play are in D, but there are a few exceptions.

Can I use one of your songs in a film?

Yes!  Please, contact me at annarobinsmusic@gmail.com first and attach details about the project, but yes.  My songs have been used in film projects before and I am always happy to work with filmmakers.

Can you compose new music for my film project?

Definitely!  I love working on films and would be happy to discuss what you’re looking for with your film project.  Email me atannarobinsmusic@gmail.com with more details and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

How do you write or compose your songs?  Lyrics?  Melody?

That’s a difficult question to answer.  I’ve gone about writing my songs many different ways.  Sometimes it starts with a tune in my head that I assign random phrases to and end up actually making sense.  A lot of times I just role with what comes out.  Sometimes I have a particular genre or style in mind and will listen to other music to get ideas.  Sometimes it’s a memory, a moment, a trigger of some sorts like a phrase someone said and I think, “oh, that’s a good lyric.”  It really just depends.  I know of exercises or formats that can help someone write a song or break from writer’s block, but I haven’t used them much.  Although, they have been great tools with groups and we’ve come up with fun songs.

Where can I buy a hard copy CD of your albums?

Unfortunately, this is not an option for the time being.  Hopefully someday that will change, but for now you can find my albums at CDBaby.com, iTunes, and Amazon.com.

Is the song “Story Reel” by Interflow feat. Anna Robinson, yours?

No.  That song existed before I began recording.  It’s a different Anna Robinson and I had nothing to do with that production.  For whatever reason, when I get my stuff distributed, sellers automatically have me linked to this track/artist and I haven’t been able to consistently correct them.  This may also be why some of my songs/albums are listed under this name and others under a different Anna Robinson.  Trying to get this straightened out has been a very difficult and complicated process.

Are you Irish?

It’s funny how often I get this question, because I do play tin whistle.  I’m American, but have Irish heritage on both sides of my family.  That lineage is still something I want to research more and learn about.  What I have come to learn about Irish culture I love!